Maria Warming Brink Tsalapati

Maria is half Greek, half Danish born and raised in Denmark and with a background in intercultural communication from Roskilde University Center and the University of Copenhagen, as well as marketing and sales experience from Japan, Hong Kong, China and the US and, most recently, with 9 years of work-live experience in Greece. 

Inspired by the exciting new world of Modern Greek wine when living in Athens, brought to life by the best sommeliers of the bustling new wine scene in 2010 and 2011, Maria decided to leave Athens behind to resettle in Copenhagen in order to import, represent and sell wine from the smaller to medium-sized wineries, all of which have a green (organic or biodynamic) philosophy, unique terroir, grape specialisation and history and tradition in common. 

To be able to meet the new industry with the right wine tools Maria re-educated at WSET in London. Currently studying level 3. She loves visiting the Fatherland and meeting with the family and Oinofilia's winery partners - traveling around, exploring old and new wine territories - as well as getting updated on the latest and tasting new at her favourite Athenian wine bars.