A Short History of Greek Wine

Hundreds of varietals which have been used in the creation of unique wines for thousands of years in the mountainous country. Greece has been at the centre of European winemaking since antiquity and it is now kicking back into high gear, able to compete with the other wine countries of central Europe. Their know-how, technology and specialisation are world-class, despite the struggles the country has gone through in recent years; 400 years of prohibition against producing wine commercially, invasions, civil war, junta rule, economic crisis and rising competition.

It is time for Scandinavia to taste what the modern Greek wine industry has to offer. With its mountain ranges, soothing Mediterranean winds, minimal rain, concentrated sun and highly specialized techniques to preserve the vines from the harsh elements, Greece produces wines with completely localized expressions of the terroir and unique taste profiles which are not to be found anywhere else in the world.