Economou Estate

Gianni Economou is the vigneron of the little winery in Ziros, in the mountains east of Sitia, in the easternmost corner of Crete. Gianni has years of international experience as an oenologist from Mosel, Bourgogne, Alba and more.

Vigneron Gianni Economou coaxes the most wondrous, non-interventional wines from the local grape varietals, many of which have never been seen in our corner of the world.

The international wine reviewers praise any wine that comes out of Economou Estate, but have paid special attention to the winery’s red wine Sitia, made using the Liatiko and Mandilari grapes, describing it as akin to a blend of Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo, with the addition of a healthy dose of Cretan charm. Here in Scandinavia, Economou’s wines have received praise, for example for his rosé, which has been characterized by many, as a playful cross between red and orange wine, with characteristics of young sherry. Economou Estate offers a range of white- and orange wines, along with their legendary collection of reds.

Our last visit to Gianni Economou was in July of 2021, and we received new wines and vintages in the spring of 2022 – many of which can be found in some of the top establishments of the country, such as Geranium and Noma.

The wines from Economou Estate are not available for purchase from the webshop. They are available to our wholesale restaurant and wine bar customers – if you are interested in these masterpiece wines, please contact us. You can also see our selection in our small Chapel Wine Shop, Kapellet.

We currently have the following Economou Estate wines in stock:


Pictured is Gianni Economou during our first visit to his vineyard in the spring of 2016.