Tatsis Winery

The brothers Perikles and Stergios Tatsis are third-generation winemakers, though nothing has been handed to them despite this. When they took over Tatsis Winery after their father, they wanted to change everything. They wanted to create a green winery – Back to Nature! The wines from Tatsis Winery were, as the first winery in Greece, certified organic and received the biodynamic Demeter certification. This has been their throughline to this day. Few producers of natural wine are as dedicated as the Tatsis brothers.

The winery is known for its raw, unfiltered and wild-yeasted wines – blanc de noir, orange, rosé, red and sweet – on the Negoska, Roditis and Xinomavro grapes. The Tatsis brothers do not keep to the rules of the appellation but excel in their creation of new styles of wine from the local grapes.

They have released a rosé and red wine on 100% Negoska, which has never been done before, as the grape is usually incorporated as a “helping” grape in the larger appellation wine, Goumenissa, the appellations answer the Barolo. Tatsis Winery has built a name for themselves in Scandinavia, partly on the back of their natural orange wine “Roditis Unfiltered” – on the Roditis grape, and “Old Roots” – a uniquely raw Xinomavro red.

Perikles and Stergios have trained and guided many other winemakers in the art of organic and biodynamic winemaking, using their many years of expertise – among others, our very own favourite, Sclavos Winery from Kefalonia, but also brand new lines of natural wines from Domaine Ligas and Domaine Kamara – both of which have leaned a lot from Tatsis’ pioneering in the green winemaking methods.

Stergios Tatsis has visited Scandinavia twice, where we have had beautiful wine tastings in both Denmark and Sweden. Hopefully, many more to come!

For an informational and quite beautiful introduction to the oft-overlooked appellation, Goumenissa, we recommend that you check out this great video:

Goumenissa, A Timeless History of Wine Growing by Drastic Myrto