Private Clients

We will be launching a selection from our portfolio in very limited quanity at Beställningssortimentet at Systembolaget week by week. Just search for Oinofilia AB and the wines will appear...

Mid December we will launch the following wines, also on show at AVSKALAT in Stockholm, November 17-18:

Pet-Nat: Kontozisis, Agrafo Limniona 2021 EKO - SEK 449,-

Blanc de Noirs: Tatsis, Xiropotamos 2019 EKO - SEK 349,-

Orange-Rosé: Garalis, Terra Roza 2021 EKO - SEK 330,-

Orange: Sclavos, Zakynthino Orange 2020 EKO - SEK 519,-

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Thank you for your interest in our wines.